History of Ramen

Chinese noodle arrived in Japan over 100 years ago and slowly evolved into today's Ramen. Many Ramen scholars believe the first form of modern Ramen started in Hokkaido (Northern Japan) around 1950. In 1958, Nissin Foods developed instant ramen (commonly known as Ichiban or Top Ramen). While the Nissin Foods instant ramen satisfied many hungry college students around the world, "Real Ramen" in Japan continued to evolve.

Experimenting with Ramen

During the 1980s, many Japanese Ramen restaurants were experimenting with their original variety of Ramen to compete with others. In many cases, customers can find several different Ramen restaurants operating side by side. This phenomenon still continues today in many parts of Japan.


House of Ramen Concept - "Best Ramen of the Day"

After eating at over 100 different Ramen restaurants in Japan, we came to one conclusion: There is no such thing as the "best Ramen noodle". One person's best Ramen is not necessary another person's best Ramen. Even for the same individual; hunger level, ambient temperature, time of day and many other factors can contribute to determine the "Best Ramen of the Day". Customers' preference can also vary from region to region and season to season.

In order to satisfy different customer's needs, The House of Ramen provides several different types of soup, noodle types, and toppings. We work very closely with top Japanese Ramen soup and noodle suppliers to provide the highest quality Ramen noodle dishes at a very reasonable price.


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