Serving the most authentic Japanese Ramen in downtown Portland, Oregon

Take-Out and Delivery Options

In most Japanese restaurants, Ramen noodles are served and consumed at the restaurant. From the beginning, The House of Ramen offers a customer take-out option. We are introducing the freedom to enjoy the Ramen eating experience the way you like it!  We entertain phone orders as well as in-person orders.

For delivery services, we have partnered with UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, ChowNow


About Our Broth

We bring you various types of broth to fill your taste buds.


Tonkotsu is a pork-based soup rich in flavor. Tonkotsu soup was originally developed in Kyushu, the most southern part of Japan. Our Tonkotsu soup is well balanced with just the right amount of thickness yet has a very complex flavor.


Shoyu is a soy source based soup. It has a brown and clear color broth, based on a vegetable stock with soy sauce. Shoyu soup is most common in Honshu, the main part of Japan. Our Shoyu soup is light with a vibrant flavor.


Miso and Curry

Miso is a bean paste based soup. Miso soup initially developed in Hokkaidothe in Northern Japan. Miso soup used in Ramen noodle is a thick, nutty, slightly sweet and very hearty soup. Our Miso soup is faithful to the original miso flavor you may encounter in Hokkaido.
Curry broth is miso base with added flavorful yellow curry paste.

Creamy Vegetarian

Delicious Tonkotsu soup (pork flavor), WITHOUT the use of any pork!  The gentle sweetness extracted from various vegetables gives out a rich and creamy taste.  Completely free of any fish or other animal related ingredients